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Hi, we offer a life changing product called Bang Bang Tea that are sourced from the finest gardens and expertly blended to create delicious flavors. Our tea has been getting great reviews for its ability to help with erectile dysfunction, enhance the performances for both men and women, and overall wellness. We use eco-friendly packaging and partner with fair trade farms, so our tea is not only delicious but also socially responsible. It's a high-quality product that we believe you'd absolutely love. Thanks for considering carrying Bang Bang Tea.

As a customer, affiliate and even distributor of our product, you will be completely and totally satisfied with the outcome.

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What to do?

Here’s info about the Tea. ENJOY!!!


Bang Bang Tea is a Family Owned company. Here are a few points.


Not sure if you’re familiar with Crystal Light, Kool Aid and other packets of water flavoring, but this is how the Bang Bang Tea packages are made and used.


Pour one packet inside a water bottle. Drink only half the bottle.


Wait 30-45 minutes and Wah-Lah!


Full out sex drive increase for 3 - 4 Hours. It works for women and men, whether healthy or even if one party suffers from erectile dysfunction. It intensifies the feeling and sensitivity of whatever you touch and your lover will be over the moon pleased. Even if you use it without a partner. You will notice the difference.


1 Packet is $10 3 Pack is $30 10 Pack is $90 50 Pack is $300 100 Pack is $500


((ADD $7 for Shipping please.))



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